Curiosity, Courage and Camouflage: Revealing the Gaming Habits of Teen Girls

March 4, 2015
Game Developer's Conference

Rosalind Wiseman and Ashly Burch surveyed students from across the country, both boys and girls, and collected data about their gaming habits, their views on how women are portrayed in games, and how they view gamers of the opposite gender. 

Covered by Time Magazine and Polygon


The Connection Between Boys' Social Status and Gaming

Date: March 18, 2014
Game Developer's Conference

A talk given with Rosalind Wiseman about boys' social status, as well as the negative expectations put upon young men, and how video games perpetuate destructive representations of men.

Covered by The Atlantic, The Escapist and


The End of the Everyman: Creating Engaging Protagonists Using Specificity

September 13, 2014
Boston Festival of Independent Games

In this talk, using acting theory as a framework, Sarah Elmaleh and Ashly Burch make the argument for creating game protagonists that are specific and individualistic instead of characters that are generic and blank slate. 


Creating Safe Spaces

June 12, 2014
Glitch City Demo Night
An exploration of safe spaces, why they're important, and how to use them as tools to educate individuals with privilege about the suffering of marginalized groups.